Elkasha Arts is available for custom orders.  Pricing on custom orders is unfortunately not very straight forward.  The pricing is based on a variety of different factors including time spent, materials used and size of the project.

Please contact us at sheyna@elkashaarts.com regarding a custom order.  Or use facebook at www.facebook.com/ElkashaArts.

Ensure you answer the below questions when you send your e-mail or facebook message, so we can easily provide you with a price estimate.


Approximate size:
Natural Woods or Stains: (Please keep in mind there are some colors that are not possible to achieve in natural wood colors.  We will inform you if we are not able to do the product you are requesting in natural woods if you request natural woods and we’re not able to obtain the colors (for example the Montreal Canadians logo has blue in it’s logo, we could do the red and white but the blue would have to be stain).  We can do a combination of both in the instances where we are not able to obtain all the right colors in natural woods and you would prefer natural woods)
Picture of Product:

Once we have all the information we will respond to you with a price quote and you can give us the go ahead for the product or kindly back out.

If you do decide to proceed we require a 50% deposit and the remainder will be due on completion.