About the Art

Intarsia is a form of wood art that has a puzzle-like appearance.  WA-MLP-Promo-WorkInProgressThe art can be simplistic when large pieces are used and incredibly complex when smaller pieces are used.  While the art has a puzzle like appearance, it is an art that is hung on the wall or placed on a flat table, with glass on top to protect it.

Our Process

Once a picture has been selected (or drawn) the picture is placed on top of the wood and the individual pieces are cut out.  Depending on the necessary colors, the woods used can range from a plain maple, as shown in the picture on the right to a variety of exotic woods, as shown in the picture on the left.

WA-ASM-Promo-WorkInProgressAs often as possible, ElkashaArts, focuses on using natural wood products, including exotic woods like Yellowheart, Wenge, Pink Ivory, etc.  When it’s not possible to use the exotic woods for the appropriate colors on a particular piece, we use Behr stains.  Most commonly this is seen in pieces where the color is important, or where blue is needed (Blue wood exists, it’s called Blue Mahoe, and comes from Jamaica but we’re not able to import it to Canada).

After the pieces are cut out on the scroll saw, they are sanded down using a drill press and by hand (for extra detail) to give the art a 3-D effect.   If natural woods are used, the piece is then varnished and given time to dry.  If the piece requires stain it is hand painted with the stain in multiple coats to ensure the color is it’s most vibrant and evenly applied.  After the color is added the piece is given time to dry before the varnish is applied.  In most cases there are at least two coats of varnish on a product to ensure there is a shine.

Once sealed the product is given a back board, and an inset hook so it is ready to be hung up on the wall.  The art can take anywhere from 6hrs, to 54hrs to complete a project.  Larger projects could potentially take longer and much smaller projects (like the keychains) can take significantly less time to create.  Each piece is numbered on the back, and signed by the artist Ben Evans.

The ArtistWA-MCR-NTM-001-img002

The Artist is Ben Evans.  Ben was born and raised in Canada’s capital, Ottawa, Ontario.  At a young age he began helping his dad, another woodcraft artist, in their home hobby shop.  They created cutting boards, Euchre boards, crib boards, Lazy Susan’s, Lamps and other wood products using beautiful natural woods.  The art of Intarsia had always interested him.  He decided to give it a try and fell in love.  The art was a perfect medium to combine his love for the beauty of natural wood products, and fantasy.

Some of his favorite pieces include the Dragons, and the nightmare horse.  What he loves most of all is creating custom art pieces and finding a challenging picture of the subject and turning it into a beautiful work of art.