Time Flies

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Time Flies

We aren’t quite sure where the time has gone since October’s geek market. But it seems we are over six months past that, and we are done most of the spring and winter conventions.

We had a blast at April’s Geek Market, and a wicked time at Ottawa Comic Con. There is one show left to go Ottawa’s Creative Ottawa Nerds. This show is a one day event that takes place this year on June 11, 2016 from 10am to 5pm at Julian of Norwich Anglican Church on 9 Rossland Avenue (Just off of Merrivale). We are looking forward to this event as it’s a great time and everyone who attends supports the Ottawa Food bank.

Entry to the event is $5 or 2 food items with all proceeds going to the Foodbank. So come out, shop local artists and have a great time seeing what’s new with Ottawa Creative Nerds.

After that our conventions schedule is open, which should allow us to focus on getting our stock levels up and getting ready to hopefully make next year the year we break out of the Ottawa market.

We are thinking Montreal and Toronto to start but we could be convinced to branch out further.

So what’s new in terms of items, we now make clocks, chalkboards and have a bunch of new keychains and wall art designs. Our deck boxes are becoming more fabulous which unique designs and card boxes too.

We’re looking forward to the year ahead as we’ve already reserved our spot at next years Ottawa Comiccon and can’t wait to see everyone there again.

I’ll try to update here more often (here’s a hint we’re going to be making videos this summer!).

Till then, check out the etsy store, follow us on facebook, or contact us to know more.

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