Day two Pop Expo

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Day two Pop Expo

In the meantime, follow us on facebook, check out our etsy store and see all the wonderful things we have to offer, until then, keep it real!

Well another convention down, and we can’t say we didn’t have a blast, especially sitting beside our friends Matt and Anne Erkhart.  You should certainly check out Matt’s amazing artwork on deviant art.  He does some real amazing stuff, and I certainly can’t wait to see what he comes up with for the book covers he’s working on for me!

In the meantime, we were thrilled to see everyone who came out and hope to see more people when we attend Ottawa Comic-con in May.  We’re looking to have a nice big set up with our friends and hoping to have more product with us including perhaps some cosplay items which is another area ElkashaArts is looking at branching into!


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