Day One at PopExpo

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Day One at PopExpo

So Pop Expo is our second convention under the name ElkashaArts.  We were thrilled to be there and to see some really awesome cosplayers.  Of course the highlight of the day for me happened near the end when we saw Brandon Routh wandering the Artist Alley tables.  Since we knew him as Superman, we took our superman key chain over to him and gave it to him as a small gift from ElkashaArts.  We were happy he accepted it and then stopped over at our booth taking a look at what we had and picking up a World of Warcraft Alliance keychain for his son! It was awesome to meet him, down to earth wonderful guy!

So since I normally hear “Pic or it didn’t happen, see the picture on the left of him standing with me, his bag of goodies, in front of ElkashaArts booth!

If you haven’t had a chance to stop by the booth there’s still one day left in the convention and we’ll be there all day with our keychains, magic card boxes, wall art and Olaf Magnet!

We hope to see everyone there!

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