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dragon in progress

Work in Progress – Dragon

So Ben is back in the shop this week getting us ready to go to Pop con (hey we’re on the Artist list!) and part of the things Ben needs to get ready to go to the convention is a back board that draws more attention in. Unfortunately with the art being heavy like it is, we can’t hang anything off of the curtains and making things go up for the eyes, is not always easy.

Darn wood, why are you so heavy?

To start us off, Ben is taking the beautiful dragon that was drawn for us by my friend Nicole for our logo and making it into an Intarsia piece. Which is something of a remarkable feat since the dragon when finished will be close to 4 feet across. That’s totally an average size right? Not heavy at all…


Then of course it’s finding a way to put it up that it hangs properly and we’re not thinking “crap that’s going to fall on us any minute now…”

But when it’s done it should be remarkable. Can’t wait to see it.


Do you wanna build a snowman….?

Then it will be on to key chain stands and magnet boards so we can display our amazing snowmen magnets and hang the key chains in an easy to view manner… especially if we get there with more variety… that and we had a lot of people not even noticing the key chains..

Mine is dong great by the way. It lasts with me throwing the keys everywhere.

Anyway, I should stop boring people with my lengthy post… but wanted to let everyone know the shop is back in working order and Ben is going to be tuning out a Dragon, because  really, who doesn’t like dragons?

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